Small satellite 小型衛星

Only a few Japanese companies are capable of developing, designing, manufacturing, and launching (arrangement) small satellites on their own, and iQPS Inc. is one of them. Our design and development capabilities and sophisticated space equipment manufacturing techniques brought by the network of highly skilled local companies in Kyushu are widely acclaimed. 小型衛星の開発・設計・製造・打ち上げまでを担える企業は日本でも少なく、QPS研究所の設計・開発能力、QPS研究所のもつ宇宙機器製造に長けた九州地場企業のネットワークがもたらす高い製造技術に対して非常に高い評価を受けております。

Large and light antenna
for 100kg-class small satellite

3.6m diameter large deployable parabolic antenna with only 10kg of weight. We have received inquiries from overseas space agencies, Japanese universities, and the world’s leading companies in the space industry for potential trade and development. We are also attracting the attention of both domestic and overseas investors for the technology and high usability. 直径3.6m、質量10kgの大型、超軽量展開型パラボラアンテナ。海外宇宙機関や国内の大学、世界最大手の宇宙産業企業より取引ならびに開発の打診を頂いております。また、国内外の投資家からもその技術と高い利用可能性に強い関心を持たれています。

Debris sensor デブリセンサー

This is a device to measure the space debris drifting in the space. We were the first to develop the debris sensor mechanism utilized for debris observation of space agencies and venture entities. Many more applications are expected in the growing debris management and debris reduction markets. * Jointly developed with IHI Corporation (Patented) 宇宙を飛んでいるゴミ(スペースデブリ)を計測するための装置です。宇宙機関やベンチャーのデブリ観測で使用されているデブリセンサーの仕組みを弊社が最初に開発しました。今後大きな市場の伸びが見込まれているデブリ対策、デブリ減少において多くの利用が期待されています。 ※株式会社IHIと共同開発(特許取得済)
* Jointly developed with IHI Corporation (Patented) ※株式会社IHIと共同開発(特許取得済)

Non-pyro type type satellite

separation mechanism

Satellite separation mechanism is a device that separates rocket and satellite.The impact level can be reduced to a small fraction of the conventional method if pyro is not used for the separation; therefore, it can offer a big advantage to satellite manufacturers and satellite operators because they can relax the durability required for the satellite. In addition, since it is not broken every time and can be reused unlike the pyro type system, it is an innovative product especially for testing purpose. Various space industry-related companies including the world’s leading companies in the space industry are showing interest in dealing with us. * Jointly developed with Nakashimada Engineering Works, Ltd. 衛星分離機構とはロケットと衛星を切り離す装置になります。非火薬式にすることで、従来の火薬式の衛星分離機構に比べ衝撃レベルも数分の一に低減され、衛星メーカーならびに衛星の運用者にとっては、衛星の必要とする耐久性を緩和できる可能性がある点で大きなメリットがあります。また、特に試験用途などでも火薬式と違い都度破壊されるものではないため、再利用可能な点でも画期的な製品となります。世界最大手の宇宙産業企業を中心に宇宙関連企業の方々に取引の興味を持たれております。 ※株式会社中島田鉄工所と共同開発
* Jointly developed with Nakashimada Engineering Works, Ltd. ※株式会社中島田鉄工所と共同開発

Electrodynamic Tether (EDT) 導電性テザー

Image: Tether satellite of Kyushu University (QTEX)
The string-like device that produces a current using the induced electromotive force and moves up and down by the Lorentz force generated by the interference between the electric current and the geomagnetic field of the earth. It was widely reported that demonstration experiment of electrodynamic “tether” was conducted by JAXA on the H-II Transfer Vehicle “KOUNOTORI 6” (HTV 6) separated from the International Space Station on January 28, 2017, as the first step to implement a space debris removal system. Making good use of the accumulated knowledge of tether satellite study in Kyushu University since early period, we designed the initial system of satellite for JAXA’s electrodynamic tether demonstration experiment and developed the control unit for the experiment equipment. 誘導起電力を利用して電流を流し、その電流と地磁場との干渉で発生するローレンツ力で高度を上下できる紐のような装置です。2017年1月28日にJAXAにより国際宇宙ステーションから分離した補給機「こうのとり」6号機で、スペースデブリ除去システム構築の最初のステップとして、導電性を持つ「テザー」の実証実験が実施されたことでも知られております。

Controllable Drag Augmentation
Device (De-orbit Device)

This is a device to prevent small satellites from becoming debris. While other devices that prevent forming debris are basically “one-time-only usage” (once it is opened or deployed, it can never close or shrink), our controllable de-orbit device distinguishes itself by being able to open/deploy and close/shrink freely, and thus reusable and readjustable. * Jointly developed with Ryokeiso Corp. 小型衛星用のデブリ化防止機器。他のデブリ化防止のための製品は基本的に使い切りである(一度使用すると中止したり、再使用することができない)のに対し、弊社の軌道離脱用展開セイルは展開、収縮を自由にできるため、再利用・再調整できる点で差別化がはかれています。 ※菱計装株式会社と共同開発
* Jointly developed with Ryokeiso Corp. ※菱計装株式会社と共同開発